Carly Waddell voted out of the Bachelor Paradise

Carly Waddell has been keeping everyone in the Bachelor world up late with her recent news regarding her split from estranged husband, Evan Bass. She shared in an interview on The OC show that she initially started dating Evan Bass just a few months ago when they both appeared on Bachelor in Paradise together. However, Evan soon began to

slowly push Carly into the arms of Bachelor in Paradise producer, Brian Johnson. Since then, though, Carly and Evan have had a falling out, and it appears as though the couple will be separating for good this time.


In a recent YouTube video posted by someone identified as Carly’s friend, Carly discussed the events that led up to the split. The video shows that Evan had asked Carly to go out with him for dinner, and after Carly refused, he said that if she didn’t go out with him that night that he would “spit in her mouth”. Several friends of Carly witnessed the entire exchange between Carly and Evan and noticed that the conversation went on for quite some time before they decided to ask Carly questions about what had happened. When Carly responded, saying that it was just a joke, the friends left the restaurant and told the ladies that they were going to get drunk and eat at a Bachelorette Party catering that evening.


According to Carly, the entire incident was planned out and she knows that her ex-husband did not want to see her again so long as he saw the two of them on Bachelor in Paradise and Bachelor’s Day. In fact, the downfall that this romance had on Carly’s marriage was the very reason that she decided to try and get back with Evan. Now, with the help of her friends, she is hoping to get the chance to see her former boyfriend again before things turn sour between the two of them.

Emma Stone is expecting a bundle of joy with the (crazy, stupid) Love of her life.

A source tells E! News, “Emma is pregnant and simply loves married life!” This is the second child she has had as a result of the relationship she started in 2000 with musician David Cook. The happy news was announced on the E! Online site early this morning. Emma has been dating Cook, along with her husband Ben Bilbrey, since then.

The happy news makes Emma’s current movie, Crazy Heart, even more exciting because it means that she is expecting first child number three. Crazy Heart is due out in theaters next Tuesday, March 9th, so the good news about this pregnancy comes at a perfect time as it means that Emma will be able to stay home with her children, doing what moms do when they are there with their babies. However, there is one big worry for the happy family – how is Emma going to get around delivering the baby bump? The only way she knows for sure is to keep her legs elevated while sitting down to deliver the baby. Unfortunately, a person who does that often enough becomes a bit bent on keeping their feet on the floor all the time.


Emma Stone has been cast as a leading character in the new movie, Crazy Heart, which is set to premiere on March 9th, from Universal Pictures. You can check out the movie and see how Emma Stone interacts with her co-stars in the movie. There is no word yet on whether or not Emma Stone will voice a role in the new movie. However, she did offer up some information to Entertainment Tonight, regarding her pregnancy and her feelings about being an actor. Stone says she is very happy and proud of her role as herself in the new Crazy Heart, calling it a wonderful experience for the both of them.