Benovia Vineyards at Felta Ranch

The Benovia Vineyards (formerly Cohn), was purchased from the Cohn Family in February 2003, and renamed Benovia by Joe Anderson who now runs the vineyards with his wife, Mary Dewane-Anderson.

Benovia is situated on Felta Ridge in the Russian River Valley, 2 miles from historic Healdsburg, California. Our pinot grapes were planted approximately 30 years ago in the rocky soil atop a sandstone layer and lava dome providing a unique taste of earth "terroir."

Our vineyard is approximately 15 acres (8 acres of Pinot Noir and 7 acres of Zinfandel), which produce about 43 tons of grapes annually (18 tons of Pinot Noir, 25 tons of Zinfandel). Climate and soil at the Benovia Vineyards are perfect to provide just the right conditions for the Pinot Noir grape. The grape likes warm days and cool nights, and soil that gives it relatively high acid levels for a red grape.

Benovia is named in memory of the fathers of Joe and Mary: Ben Dewane and Novian Anderson.

The vineyards are farmed by Tri-Valley Vineyards, Bill Koch, owner.

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